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Balanced Profits & Shared Growth

Foodsby's goal has always been to create profitable deliveries for our restaurant partners. Especially now, during these impossibly difficult times, we’ve taken a deeper look at ways to rebalance profitability and share value and growth.

Through extensive conversations with restaurant partners and industry experts, we have created a dynamic rate approach where your commission rate changes based on the daily food sales generated by each delivery. By switching to this model, we can confidently say that all your deliveries will be nicely profitable regardless of the sales generated.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Foodsby is offering 0% commission for the first 30 days, to meet the growing return to office demand.


Profitable Delivery Each Day

This model ensures profitable delivery no matter the amount of daily food sales generated.

Dynamic Commission Rate

Each delivery has a different commission rate based on the step which is calculated off of the daily food sales generated for that given delivery.

Base 3.5% Fees + Commission

Base fee covers purchasing fees, interactive portal, plus calculating and filing sales tax on your behalf.

Note: Foodsby abides by any and all rate ordinances in accordance with city and state laws.

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