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Revenue before your lunch rush

Statistics show one store's average based on
five Salata locations (over 36 months)


Avg. orders per delivery


Avg. dollars per delivery


Avg. deliveries per month


Avg. additional annual sales


per delivery

On average, across the United States



End-to-end from the store to the customer


consumer views/week

Increase exposure of your logo and menu

Why Restaurants Partner with Foodsby


  • Industry's lowest commission fees (average 9%)
  • No additional fees 
  • Bulk orders prepared before the lunch rush
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Your team delivers 
  • Proactive and live Support to help you succeed

Third party delivery services

  • 15-30% commission fees
  • Activation, marketing, and service fees
  • Individual orders received during peak hours
  • Unexpected delivery times / Delivery ASAP
  • Expensive third party driver


"Foodsby has been a terrific partner for us...
We are often able to generate $300 plus in daily revenue from under 2 hours of work a day.  Also, the fees for Foodsby's service is 1/3 of what we pay to our 3rd party delivery services.  Thus, we are able to keep the majority of our sales!”

Michael B. | Owner | Pho Mai
"Foodsby has been a great way to introduce our food to new guests in the area.  
We are able to extend our reach beyond businesses who are just within walking distance of us which has been so beneficial to us."  

Renay G. | GM | Mendocino Farms

"Foodsby has been a game changer in our office. It's a great way to try new restaurants that doesn't break the bank and it's a wonderful perk for our employees.

Amy S. | Office Manager